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Spring Semester enrollment OPENS NovEMBER 11, 2019.

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Indiana Academy Online (IAO) is an online program of Nineveh Hensley Jackson United School Corporation. IAO serves students that want the flexibility of online education. Teachers are certified in the state of Indiana and available each school calendar day to assist students. The Curriculum is supported by Edmentum, a leading provider of online learning programs nationally and internationally. The IAO curriculum is designed to drive student achievement for academic and career success.

Give us the opportunity to serve your education needs. IAO can assist students interested in a pathway to College, the Armed Forces, or to a Career.

 About Us



Indiana Academy Online (IAO) is a program of Nineveh Hensley United School Corporation using an innovative fully online model that provides students with an education that fits their needs. The statewide program is available to Indiana students in grades 6–12. Online learning at IAO is a unique approach that allows the student and the parent to take advantage of choice in the great state of Indiana.


IAO has a rigorous Edmentum curriculum supported by Certified full-time teachers. The IAO program is flexible and personalized for the student. The Academy serves a variety of students like athletes, advanced learners, homeschoolers, armed forces recruits, career and work force development, college prep, and others. IAO can structure a pathway that is personalized for the student.




Students and parents that join IAO are partnering with a team of experienced and knowledgeable professional educators. Teachers are Indiana licensed teachers that assist and monitor student progress, attendance, and content mastery. Teachers are full time teachers that are accessible each school calendar day through telephone, email, and video chat. Students will also have support from Mentors and Counseling services.


IAO will onboard each student to give them an understanding of how to utilize the online services to its fullest extent. The Academy has expectations that include staying on pace to complete 6 courses in a semester. Students must physically attend state mandated testing. Students will also take benchmark tests; so, the Academy can help each student pass the state mandated testing. Our goal is to help students succeed and we have processes and expectations that will help the student succeed.


On behalf of all of us here at Indiana Academy Online,
we welcome you to our school program.


 How It Works

Edmentum’s curriculum and teachers support online students. Full time teachers are available throughout the day for students. Learning can happen online with teachers, working in a shop, on a construction job site, at a museum, in a library, and in a national park. Participation in an online education program is not restricted to only online courses and that is the advantage of IAO. Daily lessons are conducted, and the student must stay on pace to complete courses in a semester, but students can access their education 24/7 through the flexible online resources. This unique flexibility gives students the opportunity to work, hasten their pace in coursework, manage life’s difficult challenges, or play travel sports.

 Middle School and
High School Curriculum

Indiana Academy Online (IAO) serves grades 6-12 and students will take core courses like English, Math, Science, History, and Art along with guided elective courses. Students have the opportunity to pick a pathway of College, Career, or Armed Forces. Easy to use progress tools help the student stay on track. Parents can review their student’s grade book and pace to help motivate their student. The state approved courses can be reviewed below.


Student Information

Academic Calendar

Our calendar indicates the days and times that the Academy staff and teachers are available for student support. The Academy’s expectations for the students are that the student has to stay on pace to complete 6 courses per semester.

Student Expectations and Engagement Policy

At Indiana Academy Online we expect success and part of that requires parents and students to be partners in education. Please review our list of Student Expectations and our Engagement Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know regarding hardware/software and connectivity requirements to general questions and answers about what it means to be a student at Indiana Academy Online.


This handbook will provide the tools and information you need to be successful. Please review the handbook before starting your courses, and periodically as questions or issues arise. We look forward to serving your educational needs!

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Indiana Academy Online is an online program of Nineveh Hensley Jackson United School Corporation